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 Spiritual Coach

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The essence of our being, the reason for our being on Earth, our Soul is one of the most important aspects of Spiritual ascension. Explore the journey of your Soul, the blueprint, how many lives have you had before this, read the book of past lives and know how your past life is affecting your current life. All soul related programs are experiential, and the teacher training programs (certified) enable you to teach others while honing your own skills. Most workshops offer support post completion. Energy clearing help to remove all the blocks caused by negative and stale energies so that you can move forward in your business and your life with joy and ease.


Our bodies, the vessel carrying our Soul and Mind, are often the most neglected part of our lives. Disease has become so commonplace that most people are on lifelong drugs that only manage but do not sure disease. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. So how about learning how to heal your aura, your chakras, your energy centres and take charge of your own health?  Science has now proven that science and spirituality together can heal even cancer. These sessions do not need an in person presence, most can be done over video calls and skype.


The Mind - our friend, our foe, the most complex yet powerful part of our lives. Patterns that get stored in the subconscious mind drive a lot of our actions today- be it in relationships, money or how we think of ourselves. Self-sabotaging patterns can deeply impact our lives. There is a child inside all of us that felt neglected, misunderstood, unloved and uncared for. This is the foundation of our relationship with ourselves as adults, and with others. Healing this inner child can free us of trauma and let us lead a life of joy. This requires reprogramming our subconscious mind. Learn how to heal your emotions, create new patterns, overcome childhood trauma, heal your bonds with your family, increase your confidence, learn to love yourself, be fearless

Happy Clients

There was a heaviness for two days I was feeling before I attended the Psychic Surgery Workshop. I now feel much better, my backache has reduced substantially, I slept soundly after many days. Thank you Manmeet, they way you healed my body with your hands was wonderful. I have a better relationship with my body now. I honor and acknowledge it. I am in a happy space with my body now. Thank you Manmeet for bringing in such aspects of body healing and medical intuitive, to my awareness. Love and gratitude.

Shubhra Verma - Delhi

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