The Art of Forgiveness

Moving Forward with Power & Joy

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Course Structure

Day 1: All about Forgiveness 

  1. What is forgiveness exactly?

  2. Why must we forgive?

  3. Is it possible to forgive fully?

  4. If I forgive, does it mean I am agreeing to the other person and ok with what happened?

  5. Do I have to forgive?

  6. Why is forgiveness hard?

  7. Do I need to have the other person in my life after forgiving? Am I escaping?

  8. Exercise on visiting the past, release yourself.

Day 2: The Art of forgiving ourselves


  1. Exercises to release blame and anger

  2. Was I really at fault?

  3. Difference between destiny and what I chose?

  4. Why should I forgive myself?

  5. I keep feeling guilty for so many things, yet I keep doing them.

  6. What should I do with my anger? Sometimes, it comes from nowhere. And then I feel bad later.

  7. I don’t have a relationship with myself. What to do?

  8. Practising self-love

Day 3: The Art of forgiving others 

  1. Why did I attract this incident and people in my life?

  2. What is my lesson? 

  3. Do I need to have this person in my life after forgiving him?

  4. Process of forgiving others, life, the situation.

  5. Dealing with trauma and past.

Day 4: Asking for forgiveness 

  1. Asking for forgiveness- Why must I ask for forgiveness even if I am not at fault? 

  2. Setting others free-forever.

  3. Drawing boundaries

Day 5: Moving forward with power and Joy!

  1. Making forgiveness a habit.

  2. Taking your power back and moving forward with confidence and courage.

  3. Creating joy with others, making peace with the Universe

  4. Exercises that will help you to detox daily and cleanse your aura and Being.

Important Instructions

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  2. All course files will be named as per the day and sequence.

  3. Every file should be listened to in sequential order for the course to extremely effective.

INR 5,555/-

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