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Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer

Manmeet is a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer. Through her gift of Clairvoyance and Intuitive knowing, she is able to scan auras for blockages that may cause disease. Combined with her gift of being an Energy Healer, she can transmit and transmute energy that helps to dissolve the blocks. An Aura Scanning session helps people understand what disease they may be carrying and Energy Healing sessions help people clear their aura and hence shift their disease.

Ask the people I've already healed

Don’t take my word for it: here’s what some of my clients say

There was a heaviness for two days I was feeling, before I attended the Psychic Surgery Workshop. I now feel much better, my backache has reduced substantially, I slept soundly after many days. Thank you Manmeet, they way you healed my body with your hands was wonderful. I have a better relationship with my body now. I honor and acknowledge it. I am in a happy space with my body now. Thank you Manmeet for bringing in such aspects of body healing and medical intuitive, to my awareness. Love and gratitude.

Shubhra Verma - Delhi

Who Is A Medical Intuitive?

A medical intuitive is a person who can read a person’s aura and tell them about their health. 

An aura is an energy field around a person which is formed by the kind of thoughts the person thinks. If a person is very happy, practises meditation, eats well, goes for walks and enjoys a good life, his aura will be bright and expanded. On the other hand, people who live in fear, jealousy, anger, bitterness, loneliness will naturally have a shrunk aura with dark colours. 

A disease is first formed in the aura or the energy body before it manifests in the physical body. 

A medical intuitive can read the aura and get an understanding of the disease people carry in the aura. Sometimes, this disease has not yet manifested in the body – yet.

Book Session

  • Scanning of the body to diagnose any undiscovered issue.

  • Reading of aura to diagnose the disease which has not manifested in physical body yet.

  • Accurate reasons behind existing ailments in the body

  • Advice for a diet to cure the ailment

  • Advice for necessary changes in lifestyle to cure the ailment

Duration - 45 Minutes

Price - INR 15,000/-

You Should Take This Session If

  • Your health has been deteriorating over a period of time.

  • If your body is not responding to the medication you are taking.

  • If you have aches and pains in your body which are not going away.

  • You believe in Alternative therapy.

  • You constantly worry about your health.

  • You get up in the morning feeling drained.

  • You feel sleepy the whole day even after eight hours of sleep at night.

  • You get up in the morning feeling drained.

  • You feel excessively hungry, or don’t feel like eating.

  • You have unexplained dizzy spells.

  • You have sudden pains which travel to other parts of the body.

  • You feel like crying for no reason at all.

  • You have a feeling of loneliness engulfing you.

  • You have insomnia.

  • You have a feeling of lethargy throughout the day.

How Does The Session Work?

The session is based on reading the aura and understanding the disease. Did you know that all disease starts with just one thought? It looks something like this

  • We get one thought. Just one. 

  • This thought creates emotions. (No one loves me)

  • Over a period of time, if we keep thinking the same thought, it becomes a belief. (I am unlucky and unworthy of love)

  • These beliefs if felt strongly over the years, create our experiences (you may end up with bad relationships/ failed marriage/rejection/ abandonment/lack of love even more)

  • These strong experiences secrete stress chemicals in the body, and these chemicals over a period of time hit us in our adrenals, creating fatigue. 

  • These chemicals also change the physiology of our blood, it becomes more acidic. This causes many symptoms like skin issues, lethargy, anger etc. 

  • The root cause of these problems, if not still treated, start to manifest in that chakra, in that part of the body. Every organ has a frequency- for example, the person who feels unloved almost all his life will end up having heart or chest/ breathing-related issues (heart chakra). Fear manifests in the stomach. Children who fear teachers or schools, usually have a stomach ache. 

  • These emotions if untreated cause body pains and even chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic aches and pains and much more. 

  • Medical intuitive scans the aura, tells the client about what he may be holding in his aura. He/she also talks about the emotions that are causing this. 

  • At the end of the session, the intuitive will tell you what course of action you can take to get rid of the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. 

  • Some of the healing modalities could be- Bach Flowers, Bodywork, Emotional Healing, Inner child healing, Reiki Healing, Energy Healing of Chakras. Sometimes, two of these techniques may be suggested together, depending on the severity of the disease. 

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