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What Is Automatic Writing?

Imagine if you could sit across from your Spirit Guides and get all the answers that you need. Answers that include advice on your relationships, money, job, health, career, kids, and much more. Wouldn’t life be wonderful and easy to navigate? Automatic Writing, put simply, is the ability to write messages that do not come from your mind. These messages come from Spirit Guides, your Higher Consciousness –in difficult situations as a beacon of Light.

How many days is the workshop for?

The workshop is spread across two full days.

What is covered in the workshop?

  • Safely opening your Third Eye

  • Understanding of all realms of the Spirit World

  • Soul contracts

  • Identifying Life purpose and Soul lessons

  • A journey of the soul cross lifetimes

  • Channelling past lives, identifying roles to this life 

  • Understanding key relationships- why are they difficult?

  • Meditation and techniques to help you channel

  • Identifying and communicating with Spirit Guides

  • Understanding and learning Psychic abilities 

  • Strengthening connection with Spirit Guides

  • Learning how to differentiate messages from Ego and Mind versus those from guides

  • What to do if negative energies come? 

  • How to know if you are meant to be a healer?

  • Connecting to the departed* 

  • Crystals to help you channel and strengthen your connection 

  • Automatic Writing Rules 

  • Tips on strengthening channelling 

  • Learn all Psychic abilities, and know about your personal gift 

  • Learn to read auras 

  • Learn to sense energies 

  • Know about Spirit Orbs 

  • Grounding and protection techniques from negative energies 

  • Learn about 12 types of Energy Bodies 

  • Lifetime support, opportunity to attend this workshop again if required

You should do this workshop if

  • You have been looking everywhere for answers, but haven’t still found solutions

  • You want to know about the purpose of your Life

  • You are drawn to certain people and would like to know what is the connection?

  • Some of your fears and phobias are not of this life

  • You dream a lot and want to know what they mean

  • You feel a presence sometimes, but don’t know what it is

  • A sense of déjà vu (that this has happened before) is common

  • You come to know things before they happen

  • You are drawn to past lives, healing, spirits, something beyond logic and practicality

  • You have read about the third eye and spiritual healing

  • You feel your purpose is to heal and help others but you don’t know how to go about it

  • You sometimes see bright flashes of colour in a normal day

  • You can sense energies when you meet people or go to places

  • Your faith in the Divine is strong, but you are not religious

  • You want to connect to someone who has departed, want to get messages

  • You want to know about Akashic Records and how they affect you

  • You want to live your best life, but feel that it is blocked by some force

  • You can sense black magic but can’t prove it

  • You are a writer, and writing doesn’t flow

  • You would like to hone your skills more as a healer

  • You would like to connect to your client’s energies to help them more

  • You feel that you have a big mission but don’t know what it is, and cannot connect to it

What is different about this workshop?

It is a completely experiential workshop. You channel and write your answers in these two days, and all your questions are answered. There is pre-work done a week in advance to prepare you for these two days. There is post-workshop support- exclusive- for 21 days post the workshop. Lifetime support to answer queries related to Automatic Writing. The best part is that everyone identifies with their Spirit Guides and this relationship goes on for a lifetime.

What clients have to say about this workshop?

Happy Clients

I came across Soul Miracles page and something in me said Manmeet Kumar is the one. Go for her Automatic Writing Workshop for all your answers. I must say she is a fabulous woman with a powerful aura like a goddess. Her energy is so high and divine that you feel blessed in her company. She taught me everything in this universe works on "intent". I learnt powerful techniques to open my psychic senses. We channelled a few past lives, future life and most importantly she taught me how can I stay connected with my Spirit Guides for the rest of my life. I feel confident and my purpose for which I was guided to the workshop has been fulfilled. Thank you once again.

Radhika Mehta - Mumbai

Automatic Writing workshops are conducted once every quarter. Or if there are overwhelming requests to for the same.

Please call us on +91 9711626526 for upcoming dates

Meanwhile, drop us your email & we'll keep you informed

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Automatic Writing help you in your day to day life?

  • Your decisions are always guided (by your Angel guides)

  • Lesser confusion about issues in life

  • Building stronger relationships

  • Better self-esteem, high confidence

  • Higher ability to handle challenges with a smile

  • Lesser mood swings

  • Forgiveness in relationships, and with yourself

  • You know your Life purpose- this gives you clarity about your career

  • More patience- you know everything is happening for a reason and will happen in divine time

  • Feel supported (by your guides)

  • Lesser blame for others and no blame for life

  • Able to find closure in death- you know that this life is only a part of many lives

  • If you are a writer, your blogs/stories will flow with much more ease

Are only spiritual people able to do this course?

This course is taught in a way that anyone can do it. There is no pre-requisite for it.

Who are our Spirit/Angel Guides? Can we interact with them?

Angel guides are our “teammates”. Their job is to ensure that we understand the soul lessons that we came on Earth to learn. They also are in charge of ensuring that we live our highest purpose on Earth. They are trying to get our attention through signs and symbols.
Through this workshop, we get to interact with our guides- we see them, hear from them, and can remain in touch for the rest of our lives. What a gift!

Will I be able to get messages for myself about the future?

Yes, you can get messages and guidance about your future. You could also get messages for your family- though this depends on how much you tune your intuition.

Is this a one-time course?

It is taught over two days. Once you learn it, you are welcome to join a repeat workshop at no fee (food charges apply).

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