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This is a teacher’s training programme that enables you to teach this modality and spread Light. It is for people who have attended Level 1 of Automatic Writing. This module takes you deep into the bodywork, regenerating your DNA, activating strands of DNA you didn’t know about- thereby readying your body, mind and soul to receive the new energies that are pouring into Earth at this time!

Strengthening your abilities and relationship with your guides, this programme enables you to be a walking talking Psychic! Channelling clear messages for others, it enables you to honour your journey as a teacher and Lightworker. You can officially teach Automatic Writing and enable others to become psychics too!

What will you learn?

  • How to teach Automatic Writing to others- level 1

  • How to channel messages for others

  • Body healing- self and others

  • Personal DNA activation- 3 rounds

  • Balancing Yin and yang energies in your own body and aura

  • Recognizing Psychic Attacks and preventing them

  • Understanding DNA lighting and activation

  • Karmic Release of past curses.

  • Ancestral curse release

  • Learning Energy Flow Pulling energy techniques

  • Recognizing Mother Father wounds manifested in the bodies and healing them

  • Merging Spiritual and Physical routines through the introduction to the Twelve Chakras and Eight Meridians.

  • Deep bodywork to release pain and disease

  • How to start off as a healer- an introduction to doing your own business

Who should attend?

  • Healers who want to hone their skills further

  • Psychics and budding psychics

  • Healers who would like to teach Automatic Writing

  • People who would like to explore deeper body and energy work

  • Mediums

  • People who want to ascend on this journey, a deeper connection to their guides

  • People who are looking to sharpen their intuition and learn new modalities

Please note that entity clearing is not part of this. There is a separate workshop for that. There will be pre-work with this modality at least 10 days before the workshop.

Happy Clients

I had a super victory after I did Automatic Writing Advanced Course with Manmeet ji and learnt a unique healing technique which was channeled by her. I applied it on my younger sister who has been suffering from massive PCOD and hasn't got her periods since a few months. The next day after i gave her healing, she got her periods. I had full faith on my healing and guidance by Manmeet ji. I feel like a magician!!! So grateful to u Manmeet ji.

Rashmi Mandelia, Dubai

Automatic Writing - Advanced Workshops are conducted once every quarter. Or if there are overwhelming requests to conduct them earlier.

Please call us on +91 9711626526 for upcoming dates

Meanwhile, drop us your email & we'll keep you informed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Automatic Writing Level 1 a pre requisite for this?

Yes, it is. This is the next level, so it is important to have gone through the journey of Level 1.

I may not have the time to attend the full pre-work. Can I still attend the workshop?

You can. The Pre Work is done to align your Mind, Body and Soul to higher energies. It is preferable that you do at least 2 weeks(as opposed to 4-5 weeks) of this before you come for the workshop.

I am not a Healer. Will I still benefit from this?

Anyone who wants to ascend spiritually and create abundance in their life through Energy work should attend this. This opens up your mind, body and soul in such a way that your energies are really clean and strong. This helps you attract the very best in Life, be it relationships, money, health, purpose or the will to help others.

What are the main benefits of this?

  • Knowing how to live your purpose

  • Deeply understanding your Soul lessons and Soul contract

  • How to create stronger and happier relationships with those who matter

  • Learning to use Energy in your daily life, to attract the results you want

  • Creating healthy and pain-free bodies

  • Healing others through bodywork

  • Channelling answers for others, in addition to yourself and your family

  • Becoming a professional Healer- Energy and Bodywork

  • Ascending spiritually with ease

  • Forgiveness, understanding soul contracts with those you have lost

  • Ending patterns that have troubled you for a long time

  • Deeper acceptance of whom you are, thereby creating a sense of peace.

Can this be attended remotely?

This would require you to be present in person.

I paid for this, but now am unable to attend. Can I transfer this to someone else?

This is a non-transferable workshop. We do understand that there could be a last-minute unforeseen situation, and hence you have an option of doing this the next time it happens- anywhere in the world. This option can be exercised only once. The paid amount is non-refundable.

Can I get my partner to attend with me?

It is ideal that partners/ spouses/ coaches do this together. This ensures a simultaneous shift and is very powerful. There is also a discount if partners sign up together.

Is there a group discount if three or more people join?

Yes, please do check on the price tab regarding the same. This is valid for 3 or more people paying the full amount together.

Is this a certified course?

Yes, this is a certified course.

Is there a follow up post the workshop?

There is a follow up over the Facebook group after 30 days of completion of the course. Any questions can be asked there. There will also be a WhatsApp group for six months to support any questions or concerns that people may have.

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