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Each business also is an entity. What this means is that just like people get influenced be negative and positive energies, businesses do too. Businesses, if not correctly aligned and checked for energy imbalances of spirit attachments, can respond poorly to abundance.

When Must You Think About Business Clearing?

  1. You are starting a fresh business and would like to start with a positive flow. 

  2. Your business is just not picking up. You have tried everything, but nothing is working.

  3. You are experiencing financial losses.

  4. Deals do not materialise after coming to the final stage. 

  5. You are losing employees and new people are not joining with ease.

  6. Vendors, employees are cheating you.

  7. You have opened and closed a lot of businesses in the past but not one works out in the long term. 

  8. You feel tired in office and demotivated. 

  9. You feel your network and the world does not support you. 

  10. There are anger issues in the office, a lot of conflict goes on.

  11. Your health has been deteriorating in the past. 

  12. You are unable to expand your business.

Why is Business Clearing Required?

Businesses attract negative energies such as jealousy/envy. Jealousy is a common emotion that sends negative energies to your business. Your success, money and influence may make other people feel jealous and they may send those energies to influence your business in a negative way. Jealousy can also happen through some ill-meaning employees or vendors.
This is very common in the family-owned business. This can happen in jobs too. Jealousy of co-workers or other people can hamper your success.

The land it was built on. Sometimes, buildings and offices are built on cemeteries, battlegrounds and burial grounds. That makes them home to different kind of entities and spirits. These spirits can interfere with your business. 


The neighbouring energetic influences. Houses are sometimes built very close to hospitals, temples and other high energy buildings that make the energy alignment unbalanced. 


The directions do not favour you. We use Feng Shui directions here to take maximum advantage of the support you can get from the Universe. Feng Shui says that each person has his own success direction (as opposed to general directions) and facing these directions lead to a boost in success. 

How is it done?

We do this in person after visiting your office or virtually with pictures and videos. The modalities used are Spirit and Energy clearing, Feng Shui and Mediumship.

INR 1,50,000/-

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