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Healing Cancer

Having lost her own mother to cancer in 2011, Manmeet embarked on a journey to understand this disease better. She also studied a lot of healing modalities to ascertain what works best for this. She emphasizes that Science and Spirituality/Faith merge to create a road to healing this disease at every level.

Having organised several workshops on Healing cancer, she is of the view that Healing creates peace and harmony in the mind, which leads to stronger immunity to fight this disease. Her work attracts some of the best oncologists in the country to be on her panel, and Cancer Survivors who share their stories of determination and courage. 

Manmeet believes that just like Chemo and medical treatments are vital for body healing, Energy Healing is magical for emotional and mental healing. Her endeavour is to heal the emotional and mental aspects of Cancer that eventually will result in a fitter body.

How Emotions & Mind Can Heal

In ‘Healing and the Mind’ Bill Moyers talks with physicians, scientists, therapists, and patients – people who are taking a new look at the meaning of sickness and health. In a series of fascinating and provocative interviews, he discusses their search for answers to perplexing questions: How do emotions translate into chemicals in our bodies?

How do thoughts and feelings influence health? How can we collaborate with our bodies to encourage healing?” In the fourth part of the series, Bill Moyers examines two therapies – Buddhist meditation and group psychotherapy – that involve neither drugs nor surgery.

When patients feel better, they tend to get better

Bill Moyer’s helps us to understand that the mind-body-spirit approach is so successful because it is ‘patient-centred’, whereas conventional medicine is ‘disease-centred’.

Holistic Healing Approaches to Complement Modern Medicine

1. The Mind, Body, Spirit are closely connected. 


The spirit is an integral part of the person and requires just as much attention as the body and the mind. 

Moyers interviews a devout Baptist Christian chief of medicine who says that using Native American healing techniques has tremendous benefits. He says that alternative medicine like that used by Native Americans for spiritual healing, can help to calm patients; the spirit must also be considered a part of the body.

2. Community plays an important role in healing.

In many hospitals in the world, doctors have begun to work better with patients who are part of a supportive community. When we feel accepted by our community, supported by them, there is a sense of overall acceptance and relief of their support. This creates a sense of overall wellbeing.


3. Hospital incorporates mind-body-spirit techniques.


Mid-Columbia Medical Centre (MCMC) is another place, where many of the mind-body-spirit techniques are regularly practiced, and their wonderful results quietly celebrated. As Hippocrates said thousands of years ago, “we have to heal the soul” through music, laughter and massage.

Such therapeutic techniques are consistently implemented at MCMC, based on the insight that fear contributes to the perception of pain and negative emotions can counter the positive effects of medication.

MCMC makes the physical environment as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

There are no visiting hours, so families and especially children can be at their loved one’s bedside whenever they wish. They provide pull-out beds in each room so that carers can stay the night if they choose to.

These examples show that the mind-body-spirit approach, which focuses on simple values and uses common sense, can very easily and comfortably complement modern medicine, to reap real rewards for doctors, patients and their families alike.

Cancer Healing Happens at Three Levels

1.Emotional Healing


a.Through Bach Flowers: Bach flowers heal emotions. According to Dr Caroline Myss, cancers of different type are related to an imbalance in our emotions and therefore our chakras. Bach flowers are essences of 38 flowers found in UK that are mixed by practitioners to heal the emotions that cause cancer. See more on my page about Bach Flowers.

b.Through Energy Healing: Cosmic Energy has the power to heal. Healers channel this energy to the patient through their own body. This opens the energy field in the bodies of the patient. Slowly but surely, along with meditative exercises, tools like Emotional Freedom Technique and visualization, this clears their energy meridians and energy can flow more freely. The other important tool here is chakra and aura clearing. This creates an environment for healing and stronger immunity. The patient must be physically present for this healing. This also takes a couple of sessions, depending on the type of treatment and the stage.

c.Through Body Touch Healing: Hands-on healing uses Reiki and Spirit Guides healing. The practitioner channels divine energy and move their hands over the patient’s body. This can be done by physically touching or can be done by maintaining a 6-inch distance between the healer’s hands and the patient’s body. This gives physical relief along with opening the flow of “chi” or “prana”. The patient is required to come for physical sittings in this case. Depending on the severity of cancer, this may take a couple of sessions.

d.Through Faith Healing: Prayers are used in this kind of healing. The patient can do this session remotely also. Prayers have been known to create “miracles”. You see, when people feel better, they get better. Through strong faith and belief, prayer can become an important tool for recovery. 

e.Distance Healing: For patients who cannot physically come or are in the hospital, Manmeet gives distance healing. This is most useful for patients in come on ventilator. She talks to their “higher self” and communicates back to the family what the patient is thinking/feeling/wants to communicate. Through this time, she also sends powerful healing for immediate recovery. This is a 21-day process.

2.Past Life Healing

Through Akashic Records Clearing: Akashic Records are the book of past lives. Everything that we did in those lives is recorded in this book. It is essentially the journey of our soul.

Just like in this life, every person in their previous lives may have committed some karma. We would have done some positive and some negative things. Sometimes, we make decisions and promises in our previous lives that we end up carrying as energetic blocks in this life. The negative blocks of our previous lives could be unfulfilled promises, contracts, vows, curses- that could manifest as disease in this life. These blocks could be attached to our mental body or our physical/emotional body. By the way, this is exactly how blessings work. The positive energy in the case of blessings. 

Clearing these records can help the person to release all the blocks that he/she is carrying, thereby creating space for healing. The basic premise is that each body can self-heal. 

This healing can happen in person or remotely as well. It is one of the key healings for disease, it also gives people a clear path for the next few months. A clear agenda of new behaviours from the lessons learnt through the reading makes the patient feel rejuvenated, in control and excited to make changes to their old way of thinking. And that is exactly where the healing begins!

Please read more on this on our page on Akashic Records and how they can help you.

3. Mental Healing

The mind, a powerful tool, can be used to heal. 

a.Neuroplasticity: Neuroplasticity is the change in neural pathways and synapses that occurs due to certain factors, like behaviour, environment, or neural processes. During such changes, the brain engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary or useful, and strengthening the necessary ones. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new connections. New connections are capable of being formed from birth to death and come about when we learn something new. 

Our brains are constantly updating information in an effort to help us survive more effectively. Practising a new behaviour, thinking through a problem or experiencing sudden fright causes neurons to extend themselves like branches on a tree. The more we experience, learn and think, the more interconnected the neurons come to be. The result is new ideas, faster thought processes, better memory and enhanced understanding of concepts.

These sessions rewire the brain by creating new patterns of thought and behaviour, thereby giving the patients a stronger immunity and new neurons that can trigger useful chemicals to be released into the blood. A minimum of 4 sessions are advised, these can be done both in-person and remotely.

b.Guided imagery and Hypnotherapy: Patients with cancer will experience specific symptoms upon being told their diagnosis. These may include anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and loss of control. Hypnosis can alleviate these symptoms. ...Hypnotherapy can help patients relax, and better cope with treatment and pain. These sessions can help the patient release their trauma at the point of origin. The patient needs to be physically present at the time of the session.

c.Inner Child Healing: This is psychotherapy healing. According to a lot of psychologists, the main trauma is carried forward from childhood. A bad touch, bullying, shifting, breaking up of a family, untimely death, childhood anger and depression- it could have been anything or more.


Manmeet does one on one cancer healing too. Book an appointment today.

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