Automatic Writing Advanced – Zorba, New Delhi

Automatic Writing Advanced – Zorba, New Delhi

Automatic Writing Advanced – Zorba, New Delhi
Manmeet Kumar | Zorba, New Delhi |

Event Overview

Manmeet Kumar


In our endeavour to help you connect deeper to your Soul path, Manmeet is pleased to launch the next level of Automatic Writing. This energy filled course is the next progressive step towards spiritual ascension. Helping you find and connect to your purpose, blending spirituality into your current life, creating the relationships you want, embracing abundance with ease, ending the grief, connecting with Beings of Higher realms…and much more. Learn to read energy blockages- in yourself and others. Understand how bodies can heal- and how to heal those in pain. Unleash your own potential and energy, and watch the magic unravel in your own reality! A special shout out to Healers and Lightworkers- let’s spread the magic of healing across the planet!


Who Should Attend:


  1. Healers, bodywork practitioners
  2. Lightworkers
  3. Psychics and Mediums
  4. People looking for Soul purpose, Life lessons and to know where you are in Life
  5. People looking for answers to unending patterns
  6. Those who would like to channel professionally for others
  7. People who feel that serving others is part of their mission
  8. Those who would like to release pain from their bodies and create more joy
  9. Those who would like to connect to Beings of another realm and dimension
  10. Those who want to ascend spiritually

About Manmeet Kumar

Manmeet is a Psychic, Medium, and a certified Akashic Record Healer. A strong believer of Choice, she works with Energy to create hope and happiness in the world. Her strong intuitive and healing abilities have been further honed through her study and practice in Clairvoyance, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Past Life Reading. As a Psychic, her sessions help people overcome emotional pain, remove blocks to abundance and make informed decisions about their future. She works through Past Life Akashic Records, Automatic Writing, Spirit Guides, Aura reading, and much more.

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Ticket Information

  • Ticket Price: INR 85,000.00
  • #paid

When & Where

  • From:2019-03-30   09:00 AM
  • To:2019-03-31 06:00 PM
  • Location: Gurgaon

    Gurgaon, 122002, Zorba, New Delhi.

Registration End Date

  • 2019-03-29

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