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Manmeet Kumar & Paritosh Shukla


What is this workshop about?


Love is infinite and love is being nothing, in this journey from nothingness to infinite, we bring to you an intense deep dive into the often misunderstood areas of Love, Intimacy and relationships.


Most of us today live in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex world whether it is our offices or our homes; we rarely find moments of calm, rest and peace. If in our primary relationships these are missing then it is a double whammy, we in this workshop will seed the oasis that you have always been seeking outside.


One of the key principles of love is that your relationship with life, your work and your finances are the relationships that you have with pleasure.


Since our growing up years we were taught that pleasure is bad, is a sin, it will make you
lazy. In this workshop, we will strive for you to discover ease and effortlessness along with abundance in all areas of your life and help you draw up the current and future balance sheet.


With our proprietary inventory on relationships, we will help you map your current relationships on the five dimensions and make you aware of your areas of strength and development. We will provide the same for your partner as well as a bonus.


From a newly born baby powdered and loved by everyone, to the forty-two-year-old struggling, yearning for meaningful relationships, love and intimacy, we will deep dive along with you into your life and discover a few amazing pearls of your life. We will discover the patterns that chase you. The love, joy and innocence you were born as, the beliefs that you were programmed with and the song that you were born to sing. These discoveries would be your key to the beginning of unlocking of your chakras.


We will spend nearly fifty per cent of the workshop on getting comfortable with our bodies, our desires and getting to explore our relationship with pleasure. We will use various mediums and guided meditations to connect you with your deepest self and honour and nourish yourself.


In these experiences you will rise and fall with ecstasy, you will experience zeniths of bliss and nadirs of regrets, guilt and sadness. You will emerge from this roller coaster as a whole, as healed, as complete.


In this state of wholeness, you will map the future that you want to create, revisit your balance sheet and will finally be not to just say but believe that I have the right to deserve love, I have
the right to live my truth, I have the right to be free and amidst all the chaos, all the disease, all the uncertainty, harshness and abuse, I will take charge of my life and make the choice to live with love, abundance, bliss and ecstasy in all areas of my life.


Have you ever felt like this before?


  1. Most of us feel that our relationships will never change. We cannot have amazing relationships. People around us will never change. This retreat will help create the most joyful relationships personally and professionally.
  2. The second question that comes to your mind is how will they change? So, we will give you the tools and tips. When you use them, you will see a very different side of other people & of the relationship and you will also react differently.
  3. Whether you want a new partner or love and understanding in your existing relationship with the same partner, it is an assurance that after 90 days of following what we tell you everything will shift in your life.


What will you create in this retreat?


  • Attracting amazing relationships
  • Attracting love
  • Attracting respect
  • Walking away from my abuse
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased self-respect
  • Walking with life purpose
  • Co-creating relationships that can add to your money reality and financial freedom
  • Identifying patterns in relationships and breaking them
  • Sleeping peacefully and joyfully
  • Self-love and enhanced body image


You should take this workshop if


  • You feel something is missing in your life
  • If you want love in your life but it does not come easily to you
  • You are constantly trying to make your partner understand you
  • You feel lonely, sad and wish there was someone
  • You are very successful yet you wish that love was also there in your life
  • You are single and unable to find a good partner
  • You are married and believe nothing can change now
  • You have faced abuse- physical, emotional, mental or sexual and scared of love
  • You feel misunderstood, unwanted and unloved
  • You have blocks about sexuality and feel uncomfortable about physical touch
  • You have felt rejected mostly all of your life


Who should attend?


  • Highly successful men, who still nurture and hide a void within and fill it with addictions like work, money, alcohol or women.
  • Highly capable and beautiful women who have made the choice to be a homemaker and are filling their void with shopping, cribbing and parties and have accepted that it is their destiny to be the second fiddle to their partners and children.
  • Highly successful women with amazing careers and business but have been labelled as aggressive, non-emotional, over-ambitious, selfish.
  • People who have amazing relationships and want the same abundance to flow in other areas of their life.
  • People who attract only one kind of relationships, which can be either of this abusive, non–available, continuous dependence, lack of trust and many more. These people again blame it on destiny, rarely seeing their own role in it.
  • People who have given up on the possibility of ever finding love and joy in their relationships.
  • People suffering in a primary relationship – it can be either with their partner, their parents, their children or any other. Remember, your relationships are your reflection.
  • People who have attended many other workshops and feel that there nothing more to learn, do. They believe that their partners/relationships cannot or will not change – we agree but we will hold your hands for the next ninety days post the workshop and help you shift your own beliefs, mindsets and habits, remember your relationships are only a reflection of this.


What can you expect from this workshop?


  • An understanding of the five dimensions of love and where are you deficient.
  • The courage to see how you are the source of all the love that you get or are not getting.
  • A deep dive into all the areas of your life which are blocked and the realization that love is the key to unlock it.
  • Awareness of how sex and intimacy are two very different concepts.
  • A deeper acceptance of your body, your sexuality and your deepest desires – and a safe and mature environment to explore the same.
  • An understanding of how your beliefs, emotions and chakra imbalance is causing Dis-ease in your body.
  • A belief that love is a possibility and more importantly you deserve it.
  • Dropping off the masks and the armour and reconnecting with love that you were born with.
  • Significant improvement in self-esteem and awareness.
  • A toolkit for not getting triggered and staying centred while nothing changes around you for a while.
  • A buddy who you can work with on this journey.
  • An online community of fellow seekers with similar challenges.
  • Finding various sources of love and intimacy (and yes they are not illicit) apart from your primary relationships.
  • Significant shifts in the professional and financial domains of your life.
  • An ability to live with love and joy, a possibility to experience ecstasy in intimacy, a choice to live with integrity, freedom and love.


Energy Exchange


Full price

Individual: INR 1,10,000/-
Couple: INR 1,00,000/- per person
Group (3 or more): INR 90,000/- per person


T&C: These prices do not include travel, these prices are of the workshop, stay and food.


Please call us on 9811626045 in case of any queries.


About Manmeet Kumar & Paritosh Shukla

Manmeet is a Psychic, Medium, and a certified Akashic Record Healer. A strong believer of Choice, she works with Energy to create hope and happiness in the world. Her strong intuitive and healing abilities have been further honed through her study and practice in Clairvoyance, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Past Life Reading. As a Psychic, her sessions help people overcome emotional pain, remove blocks to abundance and make informed decisions about their future. She works through Past Life Akashic Records, Automatic Writing, Spirit Guides, Aura reading, and much more. ***************************************************************** Paritosh is a Happiness Coach who believes strongly in possibilities. He runs an online community on happiness with a five thousand plus following across the globe. He also runs the HOPE curriculum Humaneness, Optimism, Purpose and Empathy to help people deal with adversity and air pockets in life. Having struggled with multiple episodes of depression, he now helps people evolve their pain into happiness. He considers this depression to be one of his greatest gifts, as this has helped him connect deeply to his life purpose, which is to spread Hope and Happiness. An alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur and UBS Chandigarh, Paritosh has spent close to twenty years with organizations like Asian Paints, ICI, AkzoNobel and Samsung.

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  • From:2019-04-24   09:00 AM
  • To:2019-04-28 05:00 PM
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia

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