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What Is Inner Child Healing?

The Inner Child work” is work that you do with a therapist or yourself to resolve the emotional trauma, experiences and emotions that are unresolved from childhood and are causing pain to you as an adult. It is work that brings forth the joy, peace and happiness that you deserve”.

The Inner Child theory believes that we all have some traumatic experiences we carry from our childhood. Be it a wound of separation from parents or a fear of animals, what we experienced in our childhood has a deep impact on our lives today.

In fact, a lot of times the patterns we face at this stage have a lot to do with our fears, anxieties and impressions in childhood.

Why Would Your Inner Child Hold Emotions?

When we are very young, below the age of seven years of age, our subconscious mind and conscious mind have no barrier. What this means in simple terms is that whatever you see or is told to you at that age, you end up believing it as truth. That truth becomes a filter from which you see the world. 

For example, if you were loved and cuddled only if you got good marks or you were a “good boy”, then your sense of self-esteem is deeply tied to certain behaviour and to other’s approval. 

If you were told that it is not good to express anger, you may turn into someone who avoids conflict at all costs. Children who have experienced abuse may end up running away from solid relationships just because they think they do not deserve it.

You Should Take Inner Child Healing If

  • You have deep-seated beliefs about yourself, and self-criticism is a constant chatter in your mind.

  • You have body issues with weight, money, unexplained panic, fears, a deep sense of unworthiness, sadness, anger, grief, betrayal, and wish you could start all over again.

  • You feel unworthy, unloved and unlucky. 

  • You pretend to be happy on the outside but have a deep sadness inside that Life did not turn out as you had thought.

  • You have anger/guilt/resentment issues and cannot understand why.


I came to Manmeet ma’am with so many issues. Though on the surface it seemed that life was good, but I used to have this inner sadness that wouldn’t go away. I did three sessions and today I am a changed person. We may not know, but most of our issues stem from childhood. I am much more confident from within, happy and looking forward to life with a smile.

Pratima Kalra - Gurgaon

What Psychological Issues Can Get Resolved From This?

How Does Inner Child Work Help?

  • Passive-aggressive behaviour

  • Co-dependence

  • Addiction

  • Neediness

  • Low self-esteem

  • Pattern of rejection

  • A pattern of continuous blame

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • This work, done over a period of time, gets us to accept our emotions and see what we have been hiding for long. 

  • It helps us to accept ourselves with our past and present. 

  • It helps us to release blame for people and our life.

  • It gives us a deep affection for our own selves.

  • It puts us in touch with our core and helps us be authentic. 

  • It carries away negative feelings of guilt, shame, anger, abuse, misery, blame, dependence.

What Exactly Happens In These Sessions?

A therapist will use one or more of the following modalities:

  • Talking with your inner child

  • Writing to understand your emotions better

  • Light hypnosis to take you back to childhood and resolve trauma

  • Meditating to connect with your inner child emotions

  • “Play way” to put you in touch with your child

  • Becoming a parent and supporting your Inner Child

How Many Sessions Are Required?

It all depends on what the issues are and the extent of healing that is required. A minimum of three sessions is a must to start seeing the changes. It is always better to talk and understand what would help you. Please call for a free consult with our team.

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