Manmeet Kumar Biography

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Marianne Williamson, from her book A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Similar  is the story of Manmeet Kumar- A Clairvoyant, Physic and Medium, whose Life Purpose is to raise the consciousness on the planet.

How it all began

At the age of three, Manmeet would have visions of past lives. Through vivid dreams and many interpretations, she could visualise herself in many past lives; and drew on paper around 15 past lives. At this young age, she also had the uncanny gift of looking at people’s bodies and “see” their pain. Later, as an adolescent, she was able to heal people of their emotional pain through touch. All this would continue in Manmeet’s life and not for once did she think that she was different from others.
It was only in 2010, right after the birth of her second child, did her Kundalini awakening start. Two years later, through a near death experience, she was able to hear and see Angels. She started getting messages for others and her Psychic ability shot up manifold. 
She kept hearing her Angels say “You are a spiritual being having a human experience”. 
This was her awakening that led her to work with crime beat and help locate missing girls in the States. She started to actively channel messages for others to help them.

Corporate success

Till this moment, Manmeet had a very successful career with renowned corporations like Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts, The Economist, Samsung Electronics & Taj Group of Hotels. A career of more than 19 years in various roles panning across Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Business Development and Business Transformation.
Even at her peak of success, she could not shake the nagging feeling that her goal and purpose in  life was much bigger than what seemed to be on the surface. That life had to have a deeper meaning than what seemed to be.  She was sure that her Life Purpose was to create consciousness on Earth through Inner Awakening.

A friendship cherished well over two decades. I have always been in awe of my effervescent friend, Manmeet. Been with her through our ups and downs. She said she found strength in me and I in turn found power in her go-getter style.

She had always been a corporate honcho for me and I could hardly ever believe the Manmeet I knew would have anything to do with anything super natural or for that matter not scientifically proven.

I have my reservations about it… but what she does and how she helps people unbelievably awe inspiring!

I have seen the direction her words give that have transformed my life… all in Great Spirit!

I cannot but wish all the very best to my dear friend Manmeet!

There are miles to go before we sleep.

Kanika Singh, Gurgaon

A new life begins

Since  her awakening, there is not a day in Manmeet’s life when she is not creating possibilities- for herself, and for others.  She believes that if one wishes to eradicate the cause of pain, the only way out is through sustained intervention.  Emotional healing, she believes, is the key to mind and body healing.  Each of us has the power to transform our lives- we only need to know how.

What can I say about Manmeet! She is definitely a miracle for souls who believe in magic from the universe. The type of magic, which your soul is longing for and understands, very well even though your mind tries hard not to allow it to.

Besides being gifted by the universe in more ways than one, Manmeet is extremely committed to her purpose in this world, which is to spread the light.

Her ability to grasp the problems, which need to be, addressed whether in a one on one session or in a group session are unbelievable.

Above everything, it is her genuine desire to help and her insatiable passion for her job that attract people to her. Moreover, I am sure no one will ever go away from her without having gained something to say the least.

May she continue her work forever with the same zeal and happiness and may she keep changing lives around her forever.

My immense gratitude to her for everything. God bless!

Dr. Neha Rao, Gurgaon

Her favourite people in life

Manmeet draws her strength and perseverance from five people, who for her, are like the five fingers of a hand that is strong enough to give both strength and comfort.
Her Father : She has great admiration for her father, as he has touched her life deeply and continues to be  her pillar of support. She draws strength from his unconditional love and sincerity. His always positive attitude is admired by thousands.
Oprah Winfrey : Manmeet admires Oprah for her ability to  “flip the script”. Irrespective of  having gone through abuse and hardships, Oprah has stood strong and how! Her life story is a testimonial on creating possibilities from everywhere.
Louise Hay : The lady who established  a Healing platform for the world is certainly an inspiration.  The way Louise handled cancer- has inspired millions and established the fact that body follows the mind. LOVE is the key to all the problems in the world- and no one could have shown it better than Louise. 
Her daughter Ria “Child is the father of man”- Manmeet continues to learn from her daughter, especially about choosing oneself. 
Marianne Williamson: She is deeply inspired  by Marianne Williamson’s work, in particular her work of “The Course in Miracles”.

Her future plans

Manmeet’s Soul purpose is to reach out to people and create  Consciousness on the planet. As a Lightworker, she wishes to empower people to lead happier lives.  A passionate Healer, she wishes to do mass healing across the world – both through group workshops and individual sessions. 

For a cause – For Cancer

Cancer is close to Manmeet’s heart- given that she lost her mom to it. She conducts workshops for Cancer champions and their families, to relieve them of emotional and mental pain. Being a certifies Askashic Record Healer, she “clears” past life issues and helps people find hope and purpose again. 

Shiva Shakti – A flame

As an individual, she firmly holds the manifestation of Shiva and Shakti  as an inseparable part of her life. She has clear visions of her past lives that reflect both Shiva and Shakti as Ardhanareshwar. Drawn to Shiva temples, she believes that this energy pulls her to create a balance of the Yin and Yang. In Manmeet’s own words, “The deep knowing, understanding and being part of Ardhanareshwar is humbling, frightening, and seemingly impossible to even attempt to put on paper. My mission is to empower  people to create possibilities by manifesting this energy in their lives.”
She is currently authoring her third book. When asked what the title of her book is, she passionately says ‘It will come to me’.
What you are most likely to find at Manmeet’s desk: Books by Marianne Williamson, books on Italian Wine, and healthy eating recipes.

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