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"Money is energy. It flows with your personal energy."

You should attend if

  1. Money does not come to you easily

  2. There are blocks in your life regarding money

  3. You feel that your money situation is “karmic”

  4. Your expenses increase when income increases

  5. You are unlucky with opportunities and money 

  6. Your money pattern doesn’t change!

How can this Masterclass help?

  1. It will explain the laws of money that will help you attract it with ease

  2. It will change negative patterns in your subconscious mind

  3. It will identify and release the “money blocks”

  4. It will clear any past life “energetic” blockages you may be carrying

  5. Through energy modalities, learn to attract new money every day

  6. Evaluate how much you need to live in luxury and work towards that

Can I afford it?

  • My recommendation is that you stop worrying about the payment. Just set the intention and the money will come. 

  • We have devised instalment plans in case you would like to opt for that.

Call us on +91 97116 26526 to book your seat.

INR 60,000/-

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