Can we develop our Intuition! Part two – understanding this phenomenon further…

In the previous part, I had called out that: In quite simple terms this phenomenon of getting a flash or feeling or thoughts, is referred to as intuition. And ultimately, intuition is really an immensely powerful awareness. And it is absolutely possible for us to develop it and take it to a very potent level.

Now, let’s go deeper in our understanding of this phenomenon.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines Intuition as: the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

So, it goes, that it is an ability. And that it is an ability that doesn’t need reasoning – i.e. it happens without the use of cognitive mind.

And all abilities can be developed. It will take training, time, resources, and a guide/ teacher who knows how to get you there.

From time immemorial, philosophers have been in the quest for understanding ‘Intuition’. Later mathematicians, psychologists and other scientists have all been devoting time to this seeking.

Albert Einstein mentioned it, and so have tons of celebrities today.

From healers to Yoga teachers, people have spoken about ‘Intuition ‘and ways of developing it. In our own scriptures and Yogic tradition, the Third Eye – Ajna Chakra has been called the seat of Intuition and many Yogic methods of activating the Ajna Chakra have been prescribed.

I will go one step further, now, to say it should be developed.

Intuition is an integral part of who we are, and an essential part of the gifts that have been given to us so that we can function well in this world.

Whether it is the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, or Reiki, or Pranic healing, or it is divination methods like Tarot, they've all talked about intuition in the same or the similar breath. They believe Intuition, to be connected to the individual’s 3rd eye. It is so believed that the 3rd Eye being activated and the auric field of an individual being appropriately tuned leads to the being a perfect receiver.

That brings up the question: the receiver of what?

An individual has a lot to receive from 2 places: the universal consciousness, and the higher consciousness; besides reading the surrounding and himself or herself.

The universal consciousness as we all know is what this entire universe is immersed in; It is the collective intelligence of all beings, all realms, all elements, and the knowledge and understanding of everything that has happened in the past, present and will happen in the future. Universal consciousness is the source of oneness of all beings.

The higher consciousness on the other hand has been connected to or linked with the individual, the soul, and the physical presence of the soul on earth. And it is so said that the higher consciousness of an individual is aware of everything and is the conduit for a physical presence to connect with and through it to the universal consciousness.

In the light of this, and in addition to the earlier definitions:

Intuition is a tuning. A tuning like that of a Radio, to the frequency of the higher consciousness and the universal consciousness.

Now, it is a known fact that the energy frequency of an individual comprises of multiple frequencies related to the various organs, bio rhythms, Chakras, and other energy systems of the body. And these energy frequencies collectively keep changing. So, you're basically not vibrating at the same level at all points in time. Life events, energy levels of the place you are in, health conditions, food that we eat, even exercises that we do, what we read, and experience etc. all contribute to this ultimate frequency at which an individual is vibrating. So, you could be vibrating at a particular frequency for a long period of time, or you could be constantly oscillating between different frequencies. Some frequencies give you focus, some frequencies give you anxiety. And a lot can be said about this whole interfacing of the human energy system and the frequency of the energy.

Hence, there could be some moments, at which the frequency we are vibrating in is conducive for us to receive messages from the higher consciousness and from the universal consciousness.

These are those moments in which we feel that we have intuitively received a message of what to do.

The tuning can happen because of an intense need to understand or receive. Or it can also happen because of a whole lot of things that we have done to get to a frequency. It is so said that children normally have exceptionally good intuitive abilities. It is also so said, about spiritual practitioners and people who do intense physical activities or mental activities in an undistracted mode. Hence, painter, singers, and athletes at times are tuned as good receivers of intuition.

Ashtanga Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Angel Healing, and many fields have actually shown that if you were to practice their prescribed methods, you could develop this ability. It is through these practices, that you stay in that zone where your 3rd eye, or your Auric field is connected with everything around you.

There are also methods like Automatic Writing, to Akashic Records that I help my clients work with. At Soul Miracles, I have a few such journeys for you to take. You can even develop and use this ability as a professional to help others.

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