Let Me Go, Why Cry Now?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Only my body is going,

Life left me long ago.

Why cry now? Let me go…

Where were they when I was hurting

Through the blame, the judgement, the non acceptance

The silent treatment, the whispers

Why couldn’t they accept me as I was?

Why couldn’t I?

This life that has been lived hidden in a shell,

Ravaged behind the sheen and polish

of happy social media pictures…

I’m tired, I want to go home

To truth, to God, to find myself

Tell them not to cry, ask them to let me go.

I have no blame for them, no hate

For on this bed truly I have understood fate

No regrets because I’m done,

I only wish I knew in my life that I was the ONE

The chase to happiness led me through tunnels of relationships, mazes of money, cars and vacations

But the emptiness in my eyes was proof

That life had left me long ago.

It is in the not knowing who I was

That the journey with life ended

My last wish is for them

May Life not leave you,

Being different is not a sin,

There’s no treasure greater than the Heart

The answer to life is through the Love within.

Let me go, let me be

May love find you, all of you

With the eyes of Love may you see…

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