Money, an energy that is only a return gift!

What you are earning today, or burning today, has been put into motion many actions or years back… that knowing and understanding Money, as an energy is only a return gift from the universe.

Some of your earnings, today is because of what you've inherited in this life – from past life karma, and this life’s blessings. Other parts of your earning are because of how you developed yourself in the past. Still other parts of your earning is because of your own emotional composition and displays, relationships and the focus that you had in life.

There are some people who do not have money but can earn it easily. And there are still others who may have a lot of money but equally keep losing it or seeing wastage of money all the time.

Let me bring in three people, and their stories here.

Story 1: There was a businessman, who I have spoken with a few years back. He had grown-up with lot of focus, earned a lot of money and gained a good societal position. But now, everything from the individual health to the situation in his factories was a story of wastage. His own energy was constantly wasted in criticising others, in finding shortcuts to earning money, in evading taxes and bribing people, in proving that he is better than others, and so many other ways. The more he showed negative behaviours the greater was his leakage of money.

Story 2 & 3: I also knew this healer and also this CA. Both of these people were self-employed and hugely positive people. While they didn't have the multi-millions like the businessman to be boasted about; but they never had a crunch of money or flow of income. Anything and everything that they did brought success and appreciation from others. There are also times that others did not appreciate them or even challenged their work. And in all of these situations I only saw both of them practicing positive emotions of compassion and peace.

So, what is the big difference between the businessman and the healer/ CA. And what are the similarities between CA and the healer.

  • The businessman had opportunities possibly because of his past karma including his hard work. But he was losing money to negative behaviours and bad energy. His judgments and criticism were causing energetic leakages of money.

  • The healer and the CA were both pretty grounded people. Their grounding was their faith; and in that faith they were allowing the flow of life. This flow of life was their constant source of income to sustain their lives.

  • The businessman had reached a certain place and amassed wealth. But he had no positive regard for that, and nor was he willing to help other people expand their conditions of life. Because, he was causing negative conditions of life for others, his own condition of life was becoming negative and he was losing health, peace and money. Nor was he keeping his family peaceful and happy, nor was he letting the world be happy and peaceful. Even the positive Karma of him having generated so many Jobs, was now not able to help him.

  • The healer and the CA were taking work, appreciation, and criticism in the same stride, as a gift from God. As a result, both had immense amount of gratitude and appreciation which everyone around them felt and experienced. As a result of this, there was a positive spiral of things being created around them. Anything and everything that they needed was always provided to them.

  • The businessman had never ending wants. He had assimilated what he needed and all those things that you also possibly did not need. And this approach of acquiring and assimilating more and more: whether it was business orders, or it was the positions of life; kept him impatient, edgy, in constant desperations and critical of others. He also wanted control and obedience from others. He wanted others to fear him and also to respect. All of these WANTS were creating so much of conflicts in his environment that results kept bouncing from one to another. And all of this adding to losses of positive energy and hence money

  • The Healer and the CA had grounded themselves to the simple things of life. They lived well, and they did use brands, and they did have luxuries. But their approach was not to indulge and splurge and waste. So, at all points in time they had respect for life, and an appreciation of what they had been given. The more they practiced this the more their wealth grew.

We will see all the patterns that were spoken about here, pretty much within us.

Sometimes we behave like the businessman and other times do the right things like the Healer and the CA. It is our negative habits which are only destroying the energy and wealth around us. The times we behave like the healer or the CA, we grow and gain wealth. So ask: are we grounded with the realities of life? DO we have gratitude? Do we appreciate & respect things? Do we treat others and our work well?

This is an important lesson, that we need to learn and understand.

Money and realities of money are nothing but a return of the energy that we put out there into the world. The more we put out negative energies, the greater are the chances that either we will not receive money or even if we receive money it will be with great difficulty. It could also be if we receive the money with ease, we will end up destroying that money one way or the other.

At the same time, if we put good positive spirals of energy, do good for others, respect things, respect others, respect nature, have gratitude: we'll never have a dearth of money when we actually need it.

What are your challenges with money?

How are you going to take this understanding, and change your life?

These are some of the truths, that we deal with in our money workshop. We are more than happy to help you, if you think you need our help.

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