Turn your Emotions into Power

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

And I see this happen every day in my work.

Those who are joyous – have great health and great relationships… and contrastingly, some who have great health and great relationships – are sometimes throwing it away because they have no joy to experience or to share.

What makes us lose our power? What makes us lose the power of positive emotions like Love, Joy, Peace etc.? There are three main roots…

Sometimes we are caught in negative emotions, because of lack of values…

Like Priya, a student who is stuck because of her emotions towards her parents. Her parents on the other hand are very peaceful, and simple people. Priya’s problem– she is too caught-up with the glamour of the world and couldn’t care lesser about respect, gratitude, compassion and other simple human values. Her kicks are live free, be a rebel… The result– she is constantly challenging her parents and trying to tell them they are wrong… and then so are her teachers, some friends, elders, society, etc, etc. The Impact– Priya is unhappy and now so are her parents… almost everyone recognizes Priya as an adamant, disrespecting, judgemental, misfit. And she sees the world like this.

Sometimes we are caught in negative emotions, because of not solving our problems…

Like Ashish, a professional who is losing grip on his life because of disconnection with his career. Ashish’s problem– refusing to learn ways and means of working with others, not sticking to timelines and quality standards. He is focused on too many things without doing any of them correctly. And wherever he gets stuck – he just escapes the situation on for it to solve itself. The result– no great outcomes, no appreciation, no growth frequent tiffs and other severe challenges in the last 3 jobs. The impact– complete loss of flow of life. No energy. Repeat illness. Road rage and… and you name it. Everyone thinks he is a looser – and he is too busy blaming the world for it.

Sometimes we are caught in negative emotions, because it is the culture of our homes…

This one – fairly common and a major cause where people in the house have no appreciation for anyone. Neither inside the house or outside. The problem- There is constant judgement, backbiting, and all sorts of negative emotions for everyone. Lies and deception is dished out to everyone – with one thing spoke to a person and another behind the back. There is gross manipulating and politics in everything. The results– broken relationships, hurt, pain, fights, deceit, loss of time and money, lack of energy, lack of health…. And so much more from divorces to legal tangles. The impact– psychological, social, monetary, and spiritual degradation. And often there are tens of people, across multiple generations who are suffering. And these people are spreading this negativity to the lives of outsiders, from neighbours to friends.

Now – in all these cases:

  • You will find grave negativity, illnesses and challenges

  • Lack of peace, joy and genuine laughter

  • Even if the person or family is well to do – there is no deep wellbeing… and constant destruction of wealth and reputation

  • Fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, greed, false pride, struggle to control, and attachment

  • No satisfaction of any kind

Turning emotions into power is simple and easy if you want to reap the benefits of life. Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Cultivate values like: Courage, Compassion and Allowance

a. Stop lying, cheating, and manipulating

b. Live in harmony

c. Practise respect towards everything and everyone

d. And ignore whatever is not in your power to change

2. Show the attitude to get things done and be in service of others wherever you have the power to change things

a. Do not talk about problems – create a solution

b. Help others live better

c. Contribute to a positive culture wherever you are

3. Develop and contribute to a culture of joy, appreciation, and peace everywhere you go

a. Always see the good and positive

b. Know everyone has a flaw and will need support to change

c. Practice truth and honesty at all time – and there is no relativity in this

d. Stop assumptions

4. Always remember – what goes around, comes around

a. So only give good that good comes back

b. If there is something bad happening – then know that you triggered it somewhere, sometime

And to do all of this – remember… you can react with a negative emotion, or you can have the courage, compassion, and allowance to make a positive difference.

This is what we teach and coach all the learners connected with Soul Miracles.

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