What is the world of Spirit Guides!

It’s a wonderful, read, The Laws of the Spirit World…

It’s a beautiful world, beyond the obvious, the Spirit World…

It’s amazing to communicate using my Psychic Powers and processes with the Spirit Guides…

Me, professionals, housewives, executives, businessmen… and so many more have given these reactions many times over.

In fact, in all of history, the Spirit World, The World of the Ancestors, The World of the Ascended Master, The World of the Guardian Angels have been sought, taught and equally fought away.

But the truth remains: for the seeker and the believer, it exists.

Believing in the spirit world, is really having one of the most fundamental expressions of human life faith.

Let me begin with a story that you may think is unrelated but in the essence of it actually indicates how both faith and the spirit world are really connected. Lord Shiva once took Goddess Parvati to a Lake in Kailash. There he asks her: “Can you see those 2 Swans swimming around?” To which Goddess Parvati says: “Yes I can see them, in front of me.” Lord Shiva replies that: “Only somebody who has true love and faith can ever see these 2 Swans.”

And many years later it did happen, that an Asura impostor - Lekha, sent by the evil King Taarakasur had come in the form of Goddess Parvati. This disguised avatar of Goddess Parvati could not spot these swans. This led to her disguise being verified.

Those swans were Swan Spirts, and a symbol of love and faith.

From Gothic traditions to Red Indian wise men & women and from the ancient Indian civilization to places in the Mediterranean, people have understood, revered and benefited from the guidance of the Spirit Masters or Spirit Guides.

These Spirit Guides are ascendant souls, animal spirits, Angels, Ancestor, Elementals and so much more. There are several prominent Healing Channels, and Teachers, who have written and spoken volumes on this topic. All that literature is worth exploring and learning from.

I would like to bring 3 critical ways to understand or rather benefit from this presence of the Spirit Guides:

  1. The Spirit Guides are here to communicate and guide us. When spirit guides communicate with us, they are often telling us something that is in our best interest. There are times when we have acted in ways that we would have possibly never understood, and these actions have turned out to be positive. These are the times when Spirit Guides have communicated with our soul or subconscious and got us to doing things. This happens, when in times of need, there is a deep part of us, which silently asked and got the guidance it needed.

  2. Spirit Guides also protect. At times they will help us evade an incident and times they will even stop an event from happening very abruptly. Several people have indicated that, they were just about to be in an accident, when a hand or a force just pulled them away; and there was actually, nothing or no one physically around them. This is the hand of Spirit Guides helping. And in more than one ways, can be a strange phone call, a sigh, a piece of paper, an obstruction or anything else, just sent to protect us.

  3. Spirit Guides are here to help with our ascension. The Spirit Guides understand the laws of the universe and also those intricate complexities of spiritual development of a soul, that we may otherwise not have learnt about or noticed. Spirit Guides can help us work through these paths, to help our ascension, if that is what we desire. Spirit Guides are one of our best hopes to be continuously connected with the universal consciousness helping our spiritual growth.

So, the question ‘what is the world of spirit guides?’ can be understood in 2 ways. One, by understanding how it is constructed or what it is constituted of? And two, understanding the purpose that the spirit world solves.

Personally, I would just suggest, keep the faith of knowing what the spirit world is, through the writings and teachings of so many Masters who have shed a light on what that world is.

But very importantly develop the understanding of the 3 points that I've just called out about what really is the utility of that spirit world for us and our lives.

I'll put it very simply for you to close this blog…

The spirit world is a set of enlightened, energetic beings, created by the creator himself to help guide every physical entity on their spiritual growth and to help them become one with the consciousness.

That all we need to know, to progress. That they are there to help us in our journey.

Journey wisely, with them…

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