Each month the lunar cycles of both the full moon and the new moon give us the opportunity to manifest what we want in life or to dismiss those things that do not serve us and process them out.


This meditation will help you as:

  • The Full Moon is the perfect time each month, to pause, and to take a look at your life and decide what is not serving you.
  • Full Moon is the best time to release all the stagnant energy.
  • Full Moon is the time to release and emotion which is not good for you.
  • Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity to heal patterns
  • Full Moon is a great time to uplift your vibration and align with your inner light.
  • The Full Moon heightens intuition and brings energy and healing frequency.    


Take some time to do a Full Moon meditation, to clear your mind and open your heart and spirit to the many blessings of healing and clearing, in Manmeet’s guidance.


The practice can be done every day not just on the Full Moon as being present and setting an intention is a moment by moment goal.


For maximum benefits from this meditation follow the process below.

  1. Use headphones to listen to the meditation.
  2. Listen to this meditation for 21 days.
  3. You can do this meditation at any time of the day when you will have some time without disturbance.
  4. Charge a glass of water by keeping it near you while doing the meditation, and drink it after the meditation.


Full Moon Meditation

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