Did you know that all bodies have the capacity to heal themselves, only if our mind believed it? The problem with healing is that our mind wants to be dependent on the medicines we consume, and not on our self-healing powers. Our bodies are listening to us all the time. And yet we keep saying to ourselves “we are unwell”, “If only we were more beautiful, a lot thinner” and on and on the list goes. This meditation will help you seek help from archangel Raphael (the Archangel of Healing) and his team so that they can help you heal. It works very well on physical diseases, also on mind related tensions. The energy that flows from the Angels will help your cells let go of the unwanted emotion in that organ. For example did you know that asthma is caused by grief? Thyroid happens to people who are unable to express themselves clearly in close relationships and feel blocked? Ask for our emotions e-book if you would like to know more. Use this meditation for at least 45 days for best results. Combining this with our aura scanning and removing negative emotional blocks works best at reversing disease.

Healing Disease In Your Body

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