This meditation is a powerful journey into your childhood, and loving the Inner Child in your own body. Our past often leaves scars and hurt, and we sometimes carry this pain into our adult lives. Unknowingly, we keep repeating these patterns, getting the same result. This meditation unlocks those patterns that do not allow us to love our own selves. With the help of your guides, you will be able to take this journey to self-love and happiness.


How To Use
Listen to this with headphones, when you have at least thirty minutes to yourself. It is recommended that you lie down and have a dark room or a scarf lightly placed on your eyes. For best results, repeat this meditation for 7 days, and you will feel the energy shifting. Do not listen to this while driving.



  • Increased self-love
  • Inner Child healing
  • Understanding the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Sense of deep peace and contentment
  • Letting go of blame
  • Stronger relationship with self and others

Inner Child Healing Meditation

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