This meditation helps you visit your past lives. Manmeet works with your Spirit Guides to take you to a past life where you can observe your Life, your lessons, your relationships and the choices you made. This meditation will help you understand some of the challenges that you face today, may be related to another life. It is a deep meditation that will take you into powerful planes of semi-hypnosis, in the safety of your own house.


Listen to this with headphones, when you have an hour at least to yourself. It is good to lie down and have a dark room or a scarf lightly placed on your eyes. This can be done once in 3 weeks. Do not listen to this while driving.



  • Meet your Spirit Guides
  • Stronger relationships in this life
  • Peace and sense of happiness
  • Know the unlearnt lessons from that Life
  • Know the cause of your anxiety
  • Find peace in this life

Past Life Regression Meditation

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