Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the books/records of all of your past lives. Every choice, action, deed or intention that you had in that life is recorded in the Akashic Records. These records have become available to humans only in the last five years. The point of making these records available is to spread light, empower people to make better choices that are aligned with their Life purpose.
These records answer the “why” questions that we struggle with. “Why is this person like this with me” “Why did I manifest a difficult life”, “why are my relationships so painful”, “why don’t I attract money like everyone else?”
There records go into different lifetimes and retrieve information that is relevant to the difficulties you are facing in this life.

You should take it if

You want to answer the WHY questions in your life?

Know your Life purpose

Know your Soul lessons

You feel drawn to some people, and want to know why

You feel your Soul is negative

You want to clear the past life restrictions that are blocking abundance in this life

You keep seeing patterns in your Life

You sometimes feel that things that are happening are not of this life

You have vivid dreams of other lives

How will this reading help you?

You will know who you are at Soul level.

You will know your Soul and Life purpose.

You will know your Soul gift and use it to overcome your current challenges.

You will know about your past lives, understand why you are seeing patterns in this life.

Clearing helps
Understanding yourself and clearing the records will help you break away from past life issues and help you live an abundant life.

Removes negative blocks and restrictions like vows, curses, spells, anger spears.

Removes traumas of this life.

What can you expect after the session?

Stronger relationships

Better Self Esteem

Increased Self Confidence

Emotional and mental wellbeing

A sense of comfort

A sense of purpose and knowledge of soul lessons


How can a past life reading help me?

Since our soul had many past lives we carry a lot of energetic information including fears, phobias and anger issues from past lives. most Of our relationships in this life have also been associated with us in a previous life. Once we understand our unresolved issues of past lives, it is much easier for us to resolve our current issues. Past lives give us the information that helps us decode the problems of this life.

Is this reading done in person only?

This reading can be done in person, on a phone call, on Skype or via Email.

What does this reading cover?

This reading provides an in-depth understanding of  How we can change oir Life with Akashic Records.  Your Soul Gifts, Soul Blueprint, Soul DNA, Health in this Life, Energy blockages can all be discovered through Akashic Readings. Insights into your past lives tells you why are you facing challenges in this Life.
There are three parts of Akashic Reading- one covers your Soul Strengths, who you are at Soul level and shows you how to overcome challenges of this life.
The second part of Akashic Reading helps you understand your relationships better.  In fact through looking into past lives and relationships, forgiveness becomes much easier and you can build stronger relationships. For example if you are dealing with a difficult relationship in this life, you can go back to past lives and see what happened in that life. Akashic Records are the best way to know about Karma and what Soul Lessons we need to learn.
The third is the Clearings and Akashic Meditations. This releases past life negative blockages and  helps us manifest prosperity.  There is a 21 day Akashic Meditation that is shared, so ensure that your Life is full of joy and happiness.

How do you access the akashic records?

Akashic records practitioners are trained to access and read these records in the highest good of the client.

How is this different from a past life regression session?

Akashic records help us to access multiple lives in one session through the practitioner.
Unlike of past life session this does not require a person to be under hypnosis to go back to past lives. The akashic records are like a book that can give a snapshot of multiple lives in one session only. The practitioner can read these books to help the client understand why is he facing challenges in his life.
All the ” whys” are answered in this session.

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