Automatic Writing Advance


In our endeavour to help you connect deeper to your Soul path, Manmeet is pleased to launch the next level of Automatic Writing. This energy filled course is the next progressive step towards spiritual ascension. Helping you find and connect to your purpose, blending spirituality into your current life, creating the relationships you want, embracing abundance with ease, ending the grief, connecting with Beings of Higher realms…and much more. Learn to read energy blockages- in yourself and others. Understand how bodies can heal- and how to heal those in pain. Unleash your own potential and energy, and watch the magic unravel in your own reality! A special shout out to Healers and Lightworkers- let’s spread the magic of healing across the planet!

Day 1: Energy Work and Automatic Writing


  1. Creating deeper connects with the Fifth Dimension to get clearer messages.
  2. Sensing Energies through the Third Eye.
  3. Learning Energy Flows through the body.
  4. How to pull Energies when required for healing self and others.
  5. Protection: For opening to higher realms
  6. Using Selenite and Psychometry to read other people’s blockages
  7. Automatic Writing and channelling for others (accuracy may vary depending on the concentration levels of the practitioner).
  8. Learning the six stages of deep meditation (part of Pre Work).
  9. Expanding Consciousness Beyond the third dimensional reality (meditation).
  10. Epitomising and balancing the Yin and Yang within our aura field.


Day 2: Creating more Aware Bodies, Healing through Bodywork:


  1. Molecular regeneration to create sustainable bodies for the future.
  2. DNA surgery to release old karmic codes.
  3. Recognising Mother Father wounds manifested in the bodies and healing them.
  4. Merging Spiritual and Physical routines through introduction to the Twelve Chakras and Eight Meridians.
  5. Deep bodywork to release pain and disease

Who should attend:


  1. Healers, bodywork practitioners
  2. Lightworkers
  3. Psychics and Mediums
  4. People looking for Soul purpose, Life lessons and to know where you are in Life
  5. People looking for answers to unending patterns
  6. Those who would like to channel professionally for others
  7. People who feel that serving others is part of their mission
  8. Those who would like to release pain from their bodies and create more joy
  9. Those who would like to connect to Beings of another realm and dimension
  10. Those who want to ascend spiritually


Pre Work:


Channelling and operating through these energies requires our Mind, Body and Soul to be operating at their optimum best. Don’t worry if you feel your health is not up to the mark yet, what is more important is the deep intention. That is the reason there will be time set aside for doing pre work. This will usually take 4-5 weeks for those who would like to work at an easy pace. If you feel you are ready without it, do let us know. The pre work will be done through a closed Facebook group, and you can watch the video later if you are not available at that time. Working together and preparing ourselves helps us to align to the energies much faster and in a deep, meaningful way.

Workshop Timings:


The workshop will be for a full two days.

Delhi     :    August 31st and September 1st, 2019

Timings will be 8 am to 6 pm. Breakfast, lunch and tea breaks will be included.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Automatic Writing Level 1 a pre requisite for this?

Yes, it is. This is the next level, so it is important to have gone through the journey of Level 1.

I may not have the time to attend the full pre- work. Can I still attend the workshop?

You can. The Pre Work is done to align your Mind, Body and Soul to higher energies. It is preferable that you do at least 2 weeks(as opposed to 4-5 weeks) of this before you come for the workshop.

I am not a Healer. Will I still benefit from this?

Anyone who wants to ascend spiritually and create abundance in their life through Energy work should attend this. This opens up your mind, body and soul in such a way that your energies are really clean and strong. This helps you attract the very best in Life, be it relationships, money, health, purpose or the will to help others.

What are the main benefits of this?

  1. Knowing how to live your purpose
  2. Deeply understanding your Soul lessons and Soul contract
  3. How to create stronger and happier relationships with those who matter
  4. Learning to use Energy in your daily life, to attract the results you want
  5. Creating healthy and pain free bodies
  6. Healing others through bodywork
  7. Channelling answers for others, in addition to yourself and your family
  8. Becoming a professional Healer- Energy and Bodywork
  9. Ascending spiritually with ease
  10. Forgiveness, understanding soul contracts with those you have lost
  11. Ending patterns that have troubled you for a long time
  12. Deeper acceptance of who you are, thereby creating a sense of peace.

Can this be attended remotely?

This would require you to be present in person.

I paid for this, but now am unable to attend. Can I transfer this to someone else?

This is a non-transferable workshop. We do understand that there could be a last minute unforeseen situation, and hence you have an option of doing this the next time it happens- anywhere in the world. This option can be exercised only once. The paid amount is non-refundable.

Can I get my partner to attend with me?

It is ideal that partners/ spouses/ coaches do this together. This ensures a simultaneous shift, and is very powerful. There is also a discount if partners sign up together.

Is there a group discount if three or more people join?

Yes, please do check on the price tab regarding the same. This is valid for 3 or more people paying the full amount together.

Is this a certified course?

Yes, this is a certified course.

Is there a follow up post the workshop?

There is a follow up over the Facebook group after 30 days of completion of the course. Any questions can be asked there. There will also be a whatsapp group for six months to support any questions or concerns that people may have.

Pricing Structure:


  • Full Price for 2 days workshop: 90,000/- 
  • Very Early Bird Discount (valid till July 5th)75,000/- 
  • Early Bird Discount (valid till July 15th): 80,000/-
  • Partner/Spouse Discount 50% on partner/spouse registration 
  • Group Discount (3 or more)70,000/- each registration

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