Future Reading

What is a future reading

Whether you are looking for an answer to a question, or direction in life, this could really be your one stop shop.
Be it a decision to move countries, change jobs, take decisions regarding relationships, know about your children’s wellbeing, your own future, money status or anything to do with your life- this reading opens up possibilities for you!

You should take this reading if

You have an important decision to make, and would like to know what choices exist for you. It could be a new country, a new job, a proposal, a health issue.

You want to ensure that your future actions are aligned with your soul path.

You want a complete reading on health, finances, relationship, career, kids.

How will it help you?

Make informed decisions about your future and ensuring that these decisions are in line with your life purpose and soul path.
Have a complete reading of your future- what options are available to you?
Tools, meditations and crystals to help you deal with the stress and challenges of a busy life.

What can you expect after the session?

A sense of clarity

A sense of purpose- after knowing what direction to take

Answers to your questions, mental peace

Emotional peace by knowing where you are headed in your relationships

A sense of comfort that the Universe is working with you

More confidence and higher self esteem

A plan to work on the possibilities of the future


How many questions do you address in a future reading

Usually, five to six questions regarding your future are answered. We do not channel your family or other people in this session.

What is the time period that you predict for?

It is between 3 to 4 years in the future.

How do you do this reading?

I am a clairvoyant, and get messages tthrough spirit guides. I do not use astrology, Tarot or any other modality. A clairvoyant is a person uses their intuition to get and true messages about the future.

How can this session be done?

You could do this in person, on a phone call , on email or on Skype.

What is the accuracy of this reading?

The future is a combination of choice and destiny. What I predict is based on your current energy. This might change in future on the changes bring about in your life.
As a psychic, I have helped the police department find missing girls in many parts of the world.

What if we have follow up questions?

Two questions are answered on email within one week of the reading. If you have more questions, we suggest that you book another reading.

What is not covered in this reading?

This reading opens up possibilities and probabilities for the client and is a strong navigational tool for the future. however, this does not cover the methods and techniques to bring about change and does not answer questions about “how to” in detail. If you are looking change your money reality and strengthen your relationships, please know that we have a separate workshop on money and relationships every month.

Details about the same can be sent to you.

What kind of questions does this reading cover?

Questions related to your future, what may happen in your life the areas of relationships, health and money. This reading helps you explore possibilities and probabilities regarding your future. This reading could also help you taking important decisions of your life by giving you a clear indication about what the future looks like.
Please book this reading if:
1. You have an important decision to make and are not able to choose the right option.

2. You would like to know what options are available to you regarding career, relocation, money, relationships and health.

3.What is the likely outcome of a particular relationship.

4. You would like to know what kind of job awaits you.

Can the future be changed?

The future is a mix of choice and destiny. Through this reading, you will know all the possibilities that exist for you and what you can choose. The future is not set in stone and changing the choice can allow the future to be changed.

What is Future Reading



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