What is a Mediumship

This service helps us to connect with our loved ones, who may not be part of the Earth realm anymore. As a Medium, I am gifted with the ability to connect with departed souls and provide hope and comfort to their grieving families.

You should take this reading if

You want to connect with a departed loved one.

How will it will help you?

It gives a sense of comfort and peace

It gives answers to questions that you may have

It helps in finding closure

It helps in knowing “why” in cases of sudden, traumatic death

It helps moving on from grief

What can you expect after the session?

A sense of peace

Many people sleep much better

Many sense hope after the session- that death is not the final destination


Is the Spirit disturbed if we do a mediumship session?

The spirit is not disturbed when we do a mediumship session.  Sometimes it would like to communicate family and give important messages to them.


Usually we wait 30 days post the spirit has passed on from earth to do this session,  but depending on case to case basis  this time period can be lesser.

How does the mediumship session work?

There are many types of mediums.  I personally work with communicating with spirits outside my body.   This means that the spirit  communicates with me clairvoyance and gives messages to their family and loved ones.

Do we need to be physically present to do a mediumship session?

You could do a session in person or  messages could be channeled and sent  through an email.

Is it painful for the spirit if we do a mediumship session?

It is not painful for the spirit.  The spirit is in the spirit world where there is a lot of peace And happiness . The spirit has to come to a level and match the energy of the medium.  Once this is done,  messages can be exchanged.

How should we prepare for this session?

It is best to know a couple  of things  before you come for this session:


  1. The purpose of this session is  to  know  that you are loved one is ok.  That they are at peace and would like to communicate with you.  Important messages can be exchanged during this session.
  2. You can come prepared with your questions to make the most of this session.
  3. There is no anger, , blame,  guilt  or any other negative emotion in the spirit world.  Most communication with spirit is about love and forgiveness.
  4. It will be good if you had a good night’s sleep  before you came for this session.
  5. Once a session is completed and the spirit moves on,  no further messages  can be  exchanged.  Should you want to connect  with them again,  please book a new session.



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