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Space clearing means clearing the energy of a space- be it your home or office. This practice is traditionally followed in many countries like China, Japan, India and Bali.

Why is Space Clearing Required?

Spaces experience a lot of different energetic influences over time. Let’s say that a house has had 3 or 4 families that have stayed in it over the last 10 years. The temperament of the people who have stayed, their fights, sadness or any trauma that they experienced, gets lodged in the space of that area.

The land it was built on. Sometimes, buildings, homes, offices are built on cemeteries, battlegrounds and burial grounds. That makes them home to different kind of entities and spirits. These spirits can interfere with the present residents thus causing issues and illnesses.

The neighbouring energetic influences. Houses are sometimes built very close to hospitals, temples and other high energy buildings that make it uncomfortable for the current residents.

One member has a spirit attachment. Sometimes, without their knowledge, one member of the family has an attached spirit that affects other members too. This slowly starts taking possession of the house.

An object that has negative energy. Sometimes, a souvenir or a painting you bought from your last vacation may be the cause of your energy depletion. Some objects like mirrors, paintings may carry energy that is harmful.

When Must You Think About Clearing Your Home/Office

  • Your business is just not picking up. You have tried everything, but nothing is working.

  • You feel uncomfortable in the night.

  • You know that someone died in the house that you now live in.

  • Your family members start falling sick in a strange way.

  • Your home doesn’t feel your own.

  • You feel someone or something is watching you. 

  • Office is built on was a cemetery/hospital. You know that the land that your house/

  • You have an addict/user in the building you live in.

  • Your property is not selling. Not only this one but others too.

  • You are starting afresh and would like to invite positive energies in. 

  • You are nervous about some corners of the house- a staircase, a room, a particular place. 

  • There is foul smell in some parts of the house/office without any reason. 

  • You feel unsafe in the night.

  • You see things from the corner of your eye.

  • Pets are uncomfortable in some parts of your house or keep staring at the wall. Unwarranted barking is also a sign.  

  • You see dead animals like ants, flies in your house when you get up. 

  • Unexplained noises in the house.

What Will Be Cleared?

  • Jealousy

  • Black Magic

  • Entities and Spirits- from the house or office

  • Negative influences of unwanted energies

  • Evil eye or any curses, spells, magick

  • If a member of the family is influenced as well, they will be cleared but it is a separate process for them.

INR 1,50,000/-

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