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What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames or Twin Souls are two halves of the same Soul, and hence, mirror images of each other at a very deep level. When we encounter Twin Flames, there is an immediate and deep connection and a sense of deja-vu. It seems like we have known them forever, and everything seems to fit right from the word go.

Though this weaves romantic and wonderful fantasies in our minds, it would be good to remember that these could prove to be extremely difficult relationships at many levels. Twin flames can bring out the very best, as well as the worst in each other. These are not the ordinary relationships that we encounter every day. 

One partner is the runner and the other is the chaser. One seems to be always resisting, on the run and the other is constantly “needy”. This is a typical pattern of this relationship.

How to recognise Twin Flames?

  • You feel an instant click- an instant connection to the other person that sometimes defies logic and reasoning. 

  • There is a deep understanding of who they are and what they are thinking. It is like being in their mind all the time.

  • You feel an energetic pull that you cannot resist. 

  • You keep thinking about them all the time.

  • They may not be even your “type”, but you feel like you have been together forever. 

  • You can complete each other’s sentences and thoughts.

  • They are extremely intense relationships.

  • Runner-Chaser bond.

Why are Twin Flame Relationships so Tough?

  • These relationships have a spiritual undertone, and usually a Karmic connection.

  • What comes up are old Soul issues that need to be healed and karmic debts that need to be resolved. But the intensity of these energies is so high, that it often leaves partners feeling confused and bitter on one hand, and ecstatic on the other.

  • There is a lesson for both partners. Lessons come with pain hence these relationships leave people feeling deeply hurt sometimes. 

  • The Twin Flames have been together for many lifetimes, and they seek to draw each other out in many lives, where Healing is required at a Soul level.

How can I help you?

Through my connection with Angels, I can guide you on whether the person is indeed a Twin Flame, a Soulmate or a Karmic connection. I will remove any negative influences and blocks, thereby helping you to connect better and come together. Since I channel through Spirit Guides, Archangels and Angels, my readings provide a solid ground for you to receive messages that are in your Highest Good. All readings are Private and Strictly Confidential.

Some Questions that can be considered:

  1. Is he/she my Twin Flame?

  2. How many lifetimes have we been together?

  3. How and why did we separate?

  4. Will I meet me Twin Flame in this Life?

  5. I have met my Twin Flame, but we are in separate lives now. Will we reunite?

  6. What are the negative Energy Blocks that have separated us?

  7. Can we heal those blocks and clear the restrictions through Healing?

  8. What are the lessons that we needed to learn?

Clearing of Twin Flames Negative Residues

There could be negative residues over lifetimes. For example:

  • Energetic cords that have expired

  • Curses

  • Spells

  • Soulmate/Twin Flame contracts that are unfulfilled

  • Jealousy

  • Third party interference in relationships

  • Unlearnt lessons

  • Entity attachments


And many, many more. Clearing of these can help you to feel a sense of peace, stability and love all over again- in all your relationships. Whether you wish to take this relationship forward or leave it, it helps to be stable and clear in your mind and soft and loving in your heart. This is easily achievable through clearing. 

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are characterized by intense passion and the need to own the other. It is important to learn the lesson, and cut the ties. These are essential as we need to release those energies in our lives and move towards Love, Oneness and walk our own unique path. Archangel Michael comes to our assistance to cut these chords.


Soulmates are people who have been connected to us in many lifetimes and are reborn in this Life again with us in order to take us to higher levels of awareness. Not only of the romantic kind, these could also be relationships with close people like family or friends. The Soul contracts that are fabricated before out incarnation hold and decide that these should be born together so as to clear past debts. These relationships allow us to grow and change through lessons. The lesson will accelerate our growth and expand our Life. These people will hold mirrors and teach us the lessons we need to learn- it could be Humility, Self- Respect, Independence and many others. These will be the most challenging, rewarding and beneficial relationships of your Life. It could be your spouse, your child or even your best friend!

How does this reading happen?

This reading can be done in person or online and even on a call. Blockages, past cords and other negative influences are removed energetically.

INR 75,000/-

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